Our goal is to be 100% aligned with the individual partner’s strategy and with our distributors.


Our goal is to be 100% aligned with the individual partner’s strategy and with Autodesk.

Partner Manager

As partner manager we aim to grow your sales by:
  • Analyze market trends
  • Partner trainings
  • Internal support
  • On-boarding
  • Process-development

Steve Reed

Sales Director


In the marketing team we are specialized to help you in:
  • Planning, preparation, execution and reporting of marketing campaigns
  • Content creation: Videos, Case-studies and Advert copy
  • Customer events and exhibitions
  • Project Management & Cooperation with agencies
  • Channel development
  • Trainings and partner meetings (live, online)
  • Help to use partner tools
  • Relations to vendors

Suzie Thomas

Marketing Specialist

Technical Sales

As Technical Sales specialists at Future Group we support you in different aspects of your business by:
  • Technical Sales support
  • Internal trainings
  • End-user trainings
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • On-boarding
  • Software demonstration

Paul Tolliday

Technical Sales Specialist 

Partner Support

As partner support team, our goal is to support your daily business by helping you with:
  • Order processing
  • Sales support
  • Technical support
  • Deal Calculation
  • Guidelines and Policy’s

Joy Hægermark

Partner Support Manager

Ira Siltala

Partner Support Specialist

Karin Brocková

Partner Support Specialist

Kirsten Lyons

Partner Support Specialist

Marko Heinonen

Partner Support Specialist

Marko Kokkonen

Partner Support Specialist

Nina Fenger-Krog

Partner Support Specialist

Zuzana Mikulová

Partner Support Specialist