Partner program

In the Autodesk ecosystem we all have our well-defined roles.
Autodesk is responsible for core product R&D and continued enhancement of the product line to competitively deliver on the promise of the brand: Autodesk makes software for people who make things.
Future Group is responsible for distribution, partner recruitment, support, development and adding value to Autodesk and the partner’s business.
The partners are responsible for demand creation, thus end-user sales and marketing, training, support and consulting in addition to enhancing the Autodesk products with additional facilities.

Our strategic partner value is three-fold

  • Channel Management Services: Through Future Group Business Booster Portal – the digital software distribution highway – focus is on operational excellence as to our channel management solutions and services such as highly automated logistics services, credit facilities to partners, campaign handling, software license management and partner services.
    Visit the Business Booster Portal intro here.
  • Channel Development Tools and Services: Future is recognized for being partner centric; market development and demand creation capabilities (marketing services etc.), profitable business and partner development methodologies, many of which are unique and conceptualized in Future Group’s TOOLBOX™
  • In business relations: Our focus is on partner intimacy, developing long-term business relationships with our business partners. We strive to be recognized for our true value-added capabilities. Our business partners perceive us as result driven, action oriented and innovative.